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Our range of amplifier-only products integrate a range of audio sources.

We have a selection of radio, Bluetooth and other audio connecting amplifiers that can work with existing speakers (if they can suitable handle the advertised power output).

All of our audio amplifiers are also perfectly paired with ceiling speakers and other home integrating speakers elsewhere on our website - all at incredible bundle pricing with all you need for installation.

Our range of available amplifiers can be installed in various ways - in-wall, in-ceiling or standalone.

In wall amplifiers are ideal if you want some interaction with the unit itself, and many products have touch buttons or even motion gesture control so you can simply wave your hand in a particular motion to carry out a certain command.

These are ideal if you are completing a full refurbishment and renovation and are at first fix stage with open walls.

In ceiling amplifiers can be great if you are beyond first fix phase.

You may have only thought about installing audio after you've finished plastering walls and ceilings, but still have access above for example.

Just a couple of speaker holes to be cut may only be needed if you are able to access any electrical point above, say from a lighting circuit. Always ask your electrician if it is possible before you take these steps.

Finally standalone amplifiers are usually those that are happy to be on show or positioned in a communication cupboard space if you are bringing numerous elements altogether for multiple rooms.