ARiNA Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The ARiNA Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Muemma is designed to bring music to the centre of your life.

  • Amazon Alexa Compatible 
  • Perfect for Tabletops, Wall Mounting or use Outdoors 
  • Available in two speaker base colours 
  • Interchangeable material / colour covers 
  • Full charge lasts for 10 hours at 50% volume 
Delivery Next Day
Speakers Free Standing
Wired Audio Input Yes
Speaker Size 6'' - 7.5''
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 6 cm
USB Charging & Playback (via cable)
Bluetooth Yes
Room Size 4m x 3.5m / Medium
Amazon Echo Compatible Yes
Amplifier Location Internal

Created to blend in effortlessly in your home, the ARiNA Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has the ability to stand out for its dynamic 360 degree omni-directional audio, and have the ability to connect with Amazon Echo / Echo Dot or Google Home Mini.

With interchangeable speaker covers, your audio can not only sound great, but look fantastic too!

Its sleek gloss base and your choice of speaker cover to complement your room makes this a truly customisable product giving you a range of options.

  • Indoors Or Outdoors - It Sounds Fantastic!

It can be positioned both as a tabletop speaker and is also wall mountable, with discreet keyhole on the rear to hang with ease - perfect as a space saving audio solution.

Not only that, but you can take it on the go - ideal for using as a summertime outdoor speaker!

No wires are needed as with one full charge (via USB port), you have playback for up to 10 hours - great for picnics and BBQs at home with friends and family.

  • Charge & Hold Your Mobile In The Speaker!

However, there's even more hidden beneath the ARiNA Portable Bluetooth Speaker!

It works as a charging station for mobile devices - with a USB connection cleverly stored underneath the speaker cover.

This means you can charge your mobile device and play all in one!

If you have voice control devices as well such as Amazon Echo / Echo Dot or Google Home Mini, then connect these too for simple voice commands!

To pair and play is very simple, with a one-button set-up on the rear of the speaker, and auto-connect for future pairing. With Bluetooth 4.0 as standard, you'll have a high quality connection for brilliant playback.

  • Incredible Audio Output From Six Built In Speakers

Built in to the unit are six speakers positioned for all around sound from any direction. Two high / mid woofers, two bass drivers and two passive speakers to give an incredible output.

The interchangeable speaker cover allows you to change things around and try different combinations should you wish.

Three different material collections are available in a range of colours:

Acousta (designed in mind for enhanced audio quality)

Felt (for a more at-home feel to blend in with your furnishings)

Geo (a geo-metric grid pattern adding lots of depth and texture to stand out in your space)


  • ARiNA Bluetooth Speaker Base (White or Black)
  • ARiNA Speaker Cover (Choose one of 11 different colours)
  • Black USB to USB-Micro cable (3m)
  • Red USB to USB-Micro cable (66cm)
  • Instruction and Warranty booklet


PDFUser Manual


ARiNA will not turn on

  • Attach the USB cable to power source
  • Ensure bottom indication light turns on
  • Allow ARiNA to charge for 5 minutes - indication light will illuminate red
  • Press bottom on/off button for 2 seconds
  • Reset ARiNA by opening top cover and inserting a pin into the RESET button

 ARiNA will not charge

  • Check USB is plugged in and power source is working
  • Make sure USB-mini is plugged in fully and in the correct orientation
  • Red indication light signals charging
  • Allow 5 minutes of charging before turning on the ARiNA
  • Reset ARiNA by opening top cover and inserting a pin into the RESET button

 I cannot connect to Bluetooth

  • Press the on/off button on ARiNA to activate Bluetooth pairing
  • Bottom indication light will blink blue while ARiNA is searching for devises
  • Ensure Bluetooth is activated on your device
  • Disconnect any other devices previously paired to ARiNA
  • Delete any previously paired ARiNA on your device
  • Turn Bluetooth off and on in phone settings
  • Reset ARiNA by opening top cover and inserting a pin into the RESET button

 My music is not playing

  • Ensure ARiNA is turned on and the light below indicates green
  • Check volume on phone or Bluetooth devise is turned up full
  • Check Bluetooth is properly paired with ARiNA
  • Reset ARiNA by opening top cover and inserting a pin into the RESET button
  • Restart phone or Bluetooth device

 No sound for hands free calling

  • Make sure phone is on Bluetooth mode and set options to ARiNA speaker
  • Check volume on phone or Bluetooth device is turned up full
  • Reset ARiNA by opening top cover and inserting a pin into the RESET button

 USB out is not charging my device

  • Check both sides of USB is plugged in properly
  • Cable malfunction, check cable on secondary power outlet to ensure it is functioning properly
  • Check ARiNA power is full. ARiNA should be plugged into a power source while in power-bank mode for best results
  • Reset ARiNA by opening top cover and inserting a pin into the RESET button

 Top cover cannot open

  • Place ARiNA on a soft surface such as a bed mattress
  • With both hands, firmly force the top cover down and turn counterclockwise
  • ARiNA will unlock at a 10 degrees turn
  • Pull cover vertically off
  • Ensure inner cable is secured properly without engaging with the top cover

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