What To Think About When Buying...Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors

Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors and Mirrored Cabinets are the next evolution in bathroom audio products.

Expanding upon our Bathroom Radio Mirrors, Bluetooth Mirrors and Bluetooth Mirror Cabinets allow smartphone and tablet devices to be connected to play your own personal library of music

Not only that, but with mirror features you have the ability to keep looking good when getting ready in the morning for work or at night before going out.

These products come in varying sizes to be able to fit a range of different rooms, and with the ability to connect via Bluetooth, it also opens up options to play app-based radio or streaming apps such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, giving an almost infinite collection of music to be played right from the palm of your hand.

  • Purpose

Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets are multi-purpose products allowing great audio to be brought into a bathroom, shower room or washroom that may hamper a full ceiling radio system from being installed.

Bringing together a bathroom accessory and an audio product in one saves space, but ultimately eradicates the problem of installing a system when you are too far into your project, or if you do not have the ability to install a fuller ceiling speaker system at all.

  • Size of room / speakers

All of the Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets on our site have stereo speakers built within them.

It is possible to expand and use external speakers with the Tenor Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth & FM / DAB Radio for you to fill your room better with audio.

The biggest piece of advice with these products is, of course, the measurements of the wall on which you wish to install.

All of our products online have dimensions outlined to help determine which product is best suited for your available space.

If you feel that your room can accommodate more speakers, then perhaps a more dedicated ceiling speaker system could be better suited to your needs.

  • Functions

Functionality varies right across our range of Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror and Cabinets, meaning we are sure if this is a product you have had interest in for some time, we will have the best solution for you.

All units come as standard with Bluetooth connectivity and illuminated strips. Standard mirror designs (not Cabinets) also come with heated demisting pads to keep your mirror fogless whenever in use.

The Encore and Beat from Roper Rhodes are effectively the same product, however the Encore is portrait and slightly smaller in size compared to the landscape Beat which is larger.

It is very important to note as well that the button controls are in the relative orientation to each other, so please be aware of this before purchase!

Touch sensitive controls are present on the three products outlined above, meaning you can quickly and easily change stations and songs to your liking. Infra-red sensors allow you to turn the unit on and off with just a swipe of a hand underneath. The Music In Every Room Tenor mirror also comes complete with separate remote control.

As well as the general features discussed, our Bluetooth Bathroom Cabinets also include a 230v Shaving Socket, glass shelving and again come with infra-red sensors.

On both the Tune (single door) and Compose (double door) cabinets, the LED illuminating strips feature around the edges of the doors, which are soft close giving you peace of mind when opening and closing.

  • Appearance

All of our Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets are very simple, but elegant in design.

The speakers on the units can be found either at the sides of the chassis, or beneath with the Cabinets, so that sound can be dispersed around the room to its fullest.

The LCD screen of the Tenor from Music In Every Room displays a range of information such as source, time and date. This mirror can be fully recessed, which will mean the need for an external ceiling speaker.

Tune and Compose cabinets will of course protrude somewhat more from the wall, but if you have plans to include a bathroom cabinet in your room, this would be a fantastic and useful alternative.

With the four main aspects when thinking about purchasing an Under Cabinet Kitchen Radio, click on through to view the BuyCleverStuff website for the complete range of Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets we have on offer.