BBC to broadcast the World Cup in Ultra HD

The World Cup for the first time ever will be broadcast on the BBC in Ultra HD - but only to a select number of viewers, the broadcaster has announced.

It will also incorporate virtual reality viewing, but both options are as part of trials to see how ready the BBC, and the industry in general, is to experience such pin-sharp content over the country's current Internet network.

Other broadcasters, such as Sky and BT Sport, already offer 4K UHD content openly, but this is the first time a terrestrial channel will offer this method of viewing.

There are, of course, a few prerequisites needed before you can watch this summer in 4K Ultra HD.

  1. High speed internet connection - recommended to be of a speed of at least 40 megabit per second (Mbit/s)
  2. Compatible smart TV available - the biggest push this summer is for modern 4K UHD screens, and are becoming widely available
  3. BBC iPlayer - most smart TVs do have the service built in to their functionality, but you will want to register an account or be signed in ready

We say be signed in and ready because the Ultra HD coverage on BBC iPlayer starts once the BBC One coverage begins - and only "tens of thousands of people" will be able to access it, and there has been no definitive number given.

History of the World Cup on TV

It is a definite step forward for television viewing in the UK as the BBC's Chief Technology & Product Officer, Matthew Postgate, says: "The BBC has brought major live broadcasting breakthroughs to UK audiences throughout the history of the World Cup.

"From the very first tournament on TV in 1954 and England’s finest hour in 1966, to the first colour World Cup in 1970 and full HD in 2006. Now, with these trials we’re giving audiences yet another taste of the future."

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