Buy With Confidence at BuyCleverStuff - Trading Standards Approved

Shopping online sometimes can be a worry, regardless of the value of product, but at BuyCleverStuff, we've become one of the first internet retailers, and the first online retailer in the Chester and North Wales area, to be certified by Trading Standards where you can 'Buy With Confidence'.

We’ve had an incredible journey over the last ten years in reaching where we are today.

We’ve been working exceptionally hard, to improve our offering to customers and making shopping as easy, reliable and trustworthy as possible.

Making Our Service Stand Out

In the past year alone, we’ve brought in the ability to select scheduled delivery dates, faster and lower cost delivery methods available to customers in the UK and abroad. We also now cover returns costs as part of our extended 30-day returns policy that we introduced for Christmas 2015.

The option of 12 month interest free payment plans is available on all products over £250, and even more items are available for next day delivery. All that, and we are keeping our prices competitive and maintaining the high level of customer service we expect you to receive (look at over 1300 reviews to see for yourself).

Buy With Confidence

During this year, we’ve worked tirelessly with Trading Standards in being fully audited across our website, and in our offices, as part of applying for a scheme run by the organisation known as ‘Buy With Confidence’.

Unlike other schemes where a ‘trust’ badge is simply given out upon paying a fee, this scheme is different.

Trading Standards delve into our business to uncover any issues. They randomly contacting previous customers to hear first-hand about the products and service given by the company.

They also conduct compliance checks, regularly reviewed to ensure we are still offering the best service to our customers. It’s no easy task to join, however we were confident that our core values would ensure our rightful place as a member.

Trading Standards Approved

In November 2016, we were proud to say that we have become the first business in the Chester area, and one of the very first online retailers in the whole of the United Kingdom to be certified for the ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme. This now means we are listed as a Trading Standards Approved trader.

The scheme is still within its infancy, therefore, if you are local to us, you might not know the scheme by name. However, we expect that as it grows in the Cheshire area, and beyond, it will become the symbol of a reputable company.

So with all this in mind - we really believe in saying: Buy Clever and Buy With Confidence at BuyCleverStuff!