Do I Need A Stronger DAB Aerial For My Radio?

At BuyCleverStuff, our range of DAB Radios come included with antennas, so why do we offer more robust aerials for half price with all our DAB radios?

Despite 97% of the United Kingdom being able to receive a DAB signal, thanks to the latest installation of transmitters in 2015, it may not necessarily be a strong DAB signal in your area.

If you are thinking of purchasing a DAB Radio System from us at BuyCleverStuff, so that we can help get you up and running as soon as possible it's always best to check before you order what your DAB reception is like.

Already got a DAB radio?

One very easy method is if you already have another DAB radio in your house - if you are receiving a clear signal from it, the chances are you should be fine with your signal.

Bare in mind though what type of aerial it is that may be included as standard with the product you are purchasing; some are T (or Y) bar aerials, telescopic antennas or even simpler cut runs of antenna cable.

It is always recommended to make sure these are fully extended and placed in areas or in the direction of where other FM or DAB radios you may have are known for having strong reception if possible.

Postcode Search

Another way of discovering what your DAB reception is like is by simply entering your postcode below, which will open a new tab showing whether you have good, fair or poor reception for both BBC stations and also local commercial stations.

Enter your postcode here (you will be taken to an external site)

Please consider though that if you are in a highly built up area, are planning to install your radio in a basement, if your building has a steel frame or is made of reinforced concrete, then these factors can all affect your actual DAB reception so the results that are returned only give a broad result and are not completely definitive.

If you think you may need help when it comes to a more robust aerial, then we can help, and that's where our fantastic option to purchase a half price Omni-Directional DAB Radio Aerial Kit with Cable and Bracket comes in to play.

It's available with varying lengths of coax cable, starting with a standard 5 metres included, through to 100 metres should you require it.

Another great option to consider is if you are looking to purchase other DAB radios, then we offer a 3 Way Splitter in order to use the same aerial for great reception to all of your radios.

If you do receive a good DAB reception and are happy to stick with any inclusive antenna aerial rather than opt to select the half price offer of an Omni-Directional DAB Radio Aerial Kit with Cable and Bracket then there is absolutely no problem.

Our main aim at BuyCleverStuff is to help our customers get the best, and simplest solution they need for their home audio visual, and if you've come this far down in the article and found you actually do have a suitable reception which you weren't sure about five minutes ago, then we'd like to think we've helped you out just as much as if you'd added an aerial to your basket!