Google Announce New Home Hub - Unclear On Speaker Audio Output

Google today announced a raft of brand new products, and one that caught the eye of us here at BuyCleverStuff is their Google Home Hub.

However, our biggest takeaway is that we STILL do not have a straight forward fact of what the speaker output of this device is; which is no surprise to BuyCleverStuff!

This new addition to the Google Home range is the first with a display and is being touted at $150 (assumed £115) when released on October 22nd.

With more and more households turning to smart devices, as we're all too aware here at BuyCleverStuff, the need to have interaction with a screen is becoming just as popular - especially with doorbell cameras that can be viewed on mobile and tablet apps with ease.

They are perfect as well for cooking, which is exactly how they demonstrated the product at its launch in New York.

Whilst Google are playing catch up to Amazon in the smart display stakes, the battle over the small voice control units that integrate with existing systems, like we offer with the Lithe Audio ceiling speakers and Systemline ranges - the Google Home Hub is attempting to combine audio with visual to run the Amazon Echo Show out of town.

As well as the impressive demo in New York, the lure of free six months of YouTube Premium Music for the cost - we are still left with that question over what kind of audio performance this is?

The initial indication is that it sits between the Google Home and the Google Home Max - which at the price point and also the timeline of development would be about right.

Problem is there has never been a definitive claim of what the speaker wattage is of those products so we are still left pondering!

Around forums and Reddit, you'll find guesses of anything between 10-15W output, which again is what you'd expect, but we'd always be cautious.

If you're looking for true audio output, you can carry on connecting your smaller Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot devices with our range of Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers which we proactively promote our amplifier power and speaker handling!

And as winter is coming - why not finish those projects today and fit out a brilliant Installed Audio system to work alongside some great smart home devices, but with a true understanding of audio output!