How To Choose Your Perfect Waterproof TV

Selecting a Waterproof TV can be a little bit daunting if you're not too sure of what to consider.

At BuyCleverStuff, we've sold these for many years, so we know the best products on the market. Our range of Waterproof TVs have passed all the relevant safely and compliance tests.

What is the best Waterproof TV for me?

For the end of the bath, Waterproof TVs in the 17” to 27” range would be the ideal solution. With units around 19” being an ideal size, both for price and size so as not to dominate the bathroom. From our years of experience we would suggest Black Waterproof TVs. 

The main purpose will be for watching programmes, and it's hard to ignore that fact. Whilst Mirror Finish is a nice look, it will always be a TV!

If you are looking to fit your Waterproof TV in a larger bathroom or within another area, then Waterproof TVs in the 27” to 32” range would be the best size as they would allow you to see the screen as a distance.

Things to consider when choosing a Mirrored Bathroom TV

Although Mirrored Waterproof TVs look great when installed, with Mirror Finish we always make it clear of the limitations of this style of TV.

The first thing to understand is that currently all Mirrored Bathroom TVs supplied by ourselves are simply a semi-reflective / semi-transparent coating on the glass. This means that the mirror is not a bright full reflective mirror and you can still see the TV behind the glass when switch off. 

The mirror is not as reflective as a normal mirror. Also, when the TV is switched on, the image may not be as bright as it needs to get though the mirrored coating on the glass. 

Finally, as a mirror is reflective, then a Mirrored Waterproof TV is more susceptible to reflections on the screen, which could affect your viewing pleasure.

This might sound like we don’t like Mirrored Waterproof TVs, but it is not the case. Providing that they are installed in a suitable location where possible reflections are minimised, then a Bathroom TV with a Mirror Finish can be a great addition to any bathroom.

How do you install a Waterproof Television?

Although each Waterproof Television installation differs between models and manufactures the principle remains the same, first find the ideal location for your Waterproof Television which is best done by lying in the bath and see where your eyes naturally fall. 

This position is really where the centre of the Bathroom Television should be, but it is best to check the viewing angles of the television and possible reflections to ensure you get the best picture.

Once you have found the best position for your Bathroom Television, a hole would be made into the wall together with a channel run up or down the wall for the cables to be run within.

When calculating the depth required into the wall for the Bathroom Television, account for the thickness of any plasterboard, tile adhesive and tiles as in most cases you will not need the full depth cut into the wall if it’s a solid wall.

Before tiling it's important run all the cables from the television location to the loft or floor void, and it is best practice to put an extra “pull-through” wire should any extra cables need to run at a later date.

Depending on the model you might install a frame into the wall prior to tiling the wall or in some cases this is done after tiling has been completed, but either way once the tiling is complete the TV would be fitted into the frame that is installed into the wall.

Before finalising the install, most Waterproof Televisions require a bead of silicone sealer to be run around the frame and in some cases around the glass too.

Once the Waterproof Television has been connected to the mains supply, antenna and any other inputs you are ready to enjoy a bath with your own television.

Do I need an antenna with a Waterproof Bathroom TV?

All our Waterproof Bathroom TVs require connecting to an antenna just like any other television and we recommend that it is a good quality antenna outlet to ensure you get the best from your Waterproof TV.

We do stock omni-directional aerials which can be attached outside of the property, but these are better suited for radios. You may wish to split from your existing TV aerial from your roof which is just as good an option.

Can I get radio on your Waterproof TVs?

As all our Waterproof TV’s have Digital Freeview TV Tuners then yes you will be able to listen to a selection a Digital Radio Stations, they can be found from channel number 700 in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) of the Bathroom TV (in the United Kingdom).