Latest Q2 2016 RAJAR Figures Report Radio Audiences On The Rise

The latest figures for Q2 2016 have been released by RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research), and it's great news for radio lovers with over 90% of the UK tuning in to listen to music, news and sport on a weekly basis

We know our customers are a huge part of that with our under cabinet radios and ceiling radio systems continuing to be ever-popular!

Helped in part to the introduction of brand new DAB stations on the SDL digital multiplex that was launched in March - RAJAR announced that digital radio listening is now at an all-time high of 45.3%.

Overall weekly reach of UK radio is now 90.1% (up from 89.9% year-on-year). On average, listeners are tuning in for an extra 30 minutes of live radio every week, with figures climbing from 21 hours, to 21.5 hours this quarter.

Lucy Barrett, Radiocentre’s Client Director says: “Commercial radio continues to offer an amazing range of choices for listeners and advertisers and it is brilliant to see this reflected in our sector’s reach. 

"It is unsurprising that people turn to radio, the original broadcast medium, for reassurance in turbulent times. Commercial stations have more to offer than ever and Radiocentre will continue to support the commercial radio sector deliver for listeners.”

Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, said: “Digital listening is now over 45% and heading for 50% with nearly 32 million people listening on a digital platform every week.

"The record breaking growth of 5.4 percentage points in digital listening has been prompted by the expansion of consumer choice we have seen this quarter with the successful launch of 16 new digital stations on the second commercial national DAB network – Sound Digital.

"Other key factors in digital growth are the nearly 50% increase in digital listening in cars and the expansion of local DAB coverage which has helped increase digital listening to local stations.”

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Digital radio listening does not need to be restricted to just DAB specific radios.

DAB stations can be streamed directly from your mobile or smartphone via Bluetooth, 27% of adults claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month which is up 6% year-on-year so why not listen to your favourite radio stations via Bluetooth from your device and also your own stored music whenever you want - and we have incredible Bluetooth ceiling speakers available to do just that!

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  • Figures reported from RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB - RAJAR DATA RELEASE | QUARTER 2, 2016