Norway Becomes First Country To Switch Off FM Radio

Norway became the first country in the world to switch off its analogue FM radio network to adopt the cheaper and wider covering DAB in January 2017.

The move attracted a lot of attention, and split the opinion of many in the Scandinavian country. Over 70% of the country are now using DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) as their main source of radio listening.

DAB radio is considered to be a better alternative to FM; producing a better quality of audio and allows more channels to be available. However, in a recent poll, 66% of Norwegians felt the government is moving ahead with these plans too quickly - the two largest opponents being motorists and the elderly.

It is believed that two million cars on the road in Norway as of January 2017 were not able to receive DAB radio, and a total of 15 million radios in homes, businesses and on sea vessels could be made redundant by the time the expected switch off is completed over the course of five years.

Motorists were advised to purchase new systems at an average cost of 4,000 Norwegian kroner ($464; £382), or adaptors at 1,500 Norwegian kroner ($174; £143).

Future Of FM In The UK

Interestingly, the UK Government has for a long time considered following the same route, with three national digital multiplexes already in operation - one for which holds BBC stations and two for commercial stations.

However, any potential decision to do this depends the listenership of DAB radio reaches 50%. Currently, that is estimated to reach this landmark in 2018, but any decision to start a switch off would more than likely be around 2020 and needs to be agreed in Parliament.

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As the switch off in Norway rolls out over these five years, with national broadcasts expected to be turned off by the end of 2017 and local broadcasts urged to switch over to DAB within the final four years, the UK and other countries will be keeping a close eye on what takes place.

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