Simple Room Size Guide For Ceiling Speakers

Having a full understanding of just how your ceiling speaker system will work and how to get the best out of it is a great knowledge to have, particularly with a guide for ceiling speakers and a suitable room size.

You may have read in our previous article which showed this and gave a full explanation on how to decide on which ceiling speakers and where you position them.

However, we also know some of our customers just want a simple answer and an easier way to decide.

So with that, here we have some practical examples of rooms and suggested speaker sizes.

In addition we are now adding search filters relating to these to our website to help our customers select the correct ceiling speaker system.

Average UK Room Sizes

We have based our room sizes on a number of plans from high-profile UK homebuilders, including longer narrow rooms such as converted open-plan kitchen diners. Although not a definitive list, it gives a good approximation:

RoomAverage Size (m)
Lounge / Living Room5m x 3.5m
Large Lounge / Living Room5m x 5m
Kitchen / Dining Room6m x 3.5m
Large Kitchen / Dining Room9m x 4m
Standalone Dining Room4m x 3.5m
Standalone Kitchen4m x 3.5m
Family Room4m x 3.5m
Utility Room2m x 2m
Master Bedroom4.5m x 4m
Other Bedrooms3.5m x 2.5m
Ensuite2.5m x 1.5m
Family Shared Bathroom3m x 2.5m

As can be seen in these average room sizes, there are a few variations. To keep it simple, we’ll focus on key rooms where most of our customers would fit ceiling speakers, these include Living Room, Kitchen Diner, Master Bedroom and Family Bathroom.

BuyCleverStuff - Room Size Guide

So here is our final guideline – and what we define through our website for sizing of rooms, and an idea of the speakers you’ll find when you filter:

Room Size (metres)Room Size (feet & inches)BuyCleverStuff Size DefinitionSpeaker Option To Consider
2m x 2m6ft 7in x 6ft 7inSmallOne pair of 2.5" speakers OR one single stereo 6" speaker
4m x 3.5m13ft 1in x 11ft 6inMediumOne pair of 5"+ speakers OR one single stereo 6" speaker
5m x 5m16ft 5in x 16ft 5inLargeOne pair of 6"+ speakers OR two pairs of 5" speakers
8m x 4m26ft 3in x 13ft 1inLong / NarrowTwo pairs of 5"+ speakers OR two single stereo 6" speakers

Although this is only a few of the options available, and some rooms will not fit within these dimensions, it is only guidance, to the best of our knowledge and advice.

We feel that these four variations will allow our customers to highlight only ceiling speaker systems which are the most appropriate for the room in question.

If your room layout is not covered (i.e. for an exceptionally unique size – hedge a guess if your room sits between sizes) or you have a multiple room audio requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirement.