Top 5 England Songs You Need For The World Cup

Audio is what we do - and being swept up in World Cup fever, we're singing out most days in the office some cracking football songs as England go into this weekend's quarter-final with Sweden.

With that in mind, we decided to run down the top 5 England songs we think you need to download or stream this weekend.

5. We're On The Ball

OK, so perhaps the name of this track didn't really help us out in 2002 as we headed to Japan and South Korea. After England trounced Germany 5-1 and David Beckham saved the nation with quite possibly the most important free kick he ever scored; David Seaman wasn't quite "on the ball" as Ronaldinho lobbed him from distance when England were knocked out by Brazil.

Memorable lyric: Some would say "We're on the ball. We're on the ball. We're on the ball" was memorable. We say "It's Neville to Campbell. Campbell to Rio. Rio to Scholesy. Scholesy-Gerrard. Gerrard to Beckham. Beckham to Heskey. Heskey to Owen to nod. 5-1!" was the standout from this.

4. Back Home

Just four years on from our glorious - and only defining - moment in any major international tournament, Bobby and the boys got in the studio to belt out this corker in 1970 for the World Cup in Mexico. It was the year Gordon Banks made his incredible save from what seemed a certain Pele goal, although was later beaten by Jairzinho. Unfortunately, West Germany got their revenge from 1966 later in the competition, and duly sent us back home in the quarter-finals after a 3-2 defeat.

Memorable lyric: "We'll fight until the whistle goes. For the folks back home" - brings a tear to the eye still.

3. Vindaloo

One of the great England anthems. Football, beer and a nice Ruby Murray at the end of the night. Vindaloo had no right to ever be a football song, written by Keith Allen, but it did and we're thankful for it. The closest World Cup to be held to England since 1966, we took over the English Channel and headed over to France. 18-year-old Michael Owen (who went to school up the road from the BuyCleverStuff offices!) produced one of England's most incredible goals, before David Beckham got himself sent off, and we got sent home on penalties by Argentina.

Memorable lyric: "Nah nah nah (Vindaloo). Nah nah nah (Vindaloo). And we all like Vindaloo. We're England. We're gonna score one more than you!" - well unless we get to penalties and then everyone else always seems to come out on top (sorry, not sorry to Colombia...)

2. World In Motion

1990, Bobby Robson as our manager, Bryan Robson as our captain, Gary Lineker on fire, Paul Gascoigne a star being born; we were ready for Italia '90 and so were New Order with probably what at one stage was the best England song we had produced. It was also the year we produced our best performance in a World Cup since 1966, until Stuart Pearce had his saved and Chris Waddle missing. West Germany again. But it won't be in 2018...

Memorable lyric: Not going to write this out, but without a shadow of a doubt it was the rap performed by John Barnes. Rob in the office knows it off by heart. (However Rob also appeared on Don't Forget The Lyrics so we'd be disappointed if he didn't know the words...)

1. Three Lions

Quite simply the greatest song ever written to be sung on the terraces. Cast your minds back to 1996, Euro 1996 to be precise. We'd won nothing for years and we needed something to inspire the boys to victory. Comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner were tasked with putting lyrics to the music from Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds - they did and the rest is history. We got knocked out (again) by Germany on (again) penalties. Gareth Southgate the unfortunate one who couldn't walk down the street for weeks and months without being tormented over his spot-kick miss.

However in 2018, we've got past penalties with Southgate in charge - will we be hearing Three Lions bellowed at the top of our lungs come the actual World Cup final? We'll see...

Memorable lyric: "It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming. Football's coming home." Yes, yes it is.

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Come On England!