What To Think About When Buying...A Bathroom Radio Mirror

Bathroom Radio Mirrors are a perfect solution when the ability to install a complete music system becomes a difficult or sometimes impossible task.

Taking a regular bathroom accessory and combining it to create a simple, effective, yet extremely clever answer to allow great audio to be played whenever you use your bathroom, whether it is getting ready before work or school in the morning, relaxing and unwinding at night, or looking good and starting your night out in the right way.

  • Purpose

Bathroom Radio Mirrors are a fantastic multi-purpose product allowing great audio to be brought into a bathroom, shower room or washroom that may be preventative of a full ceiling radio system being installed.

  • Size of room / speakers

Our Bathroom Radio Mirrors have stereo speakers built into their chassis.

It is possible to expand and use external speakers with the Tenor Illuminated Bluetooth FM / DAB Bathroom Radio Mirror in order to fill your room better with audio.

If you feel that your room can accommodate more speakers, we have a range of ceiling speaker systems that can suit to your bathroom size, and preference to look and style.

  • Functions

FM and DAB tuners are as standard within our Bathroom Radio Mirrors. If you are unsure, it is always recommended that you check your DAB reception for your area to find out what stations you are likely to receive prior to installing.

There is the option with Music In Every Room’s Tenor Illuminated Bathroom Mirror has the option of Bluetooth connectivity.

Heated demister pads are built-in, so you can use your product without worrying about any steam in the room preventing you from using your mirror as a standalone mirror.

Illuminating strips down the sides of the mirror allow extra lighting to your room and helps give you a clearer view when using the mirror for your daily use.

Touch sensitive controls mean you can quickly and easily change stations and songs to your liking. Infrared sensors allow you to control these mirror functions with just a swipe of a hand underneath.

The Tenor Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth & FM / DAB Radio also comes complete with separate remote control (needed if product if recessed fully within a wall).

  • Appearance

The speakers on the unit can be found at the sides of the chassis so sound is dispersed around the room to its fullest (unless using an external speaker), and LCD screens display a range of information such as source, time, station and song being played.

With all the components featured within these products, expect to look toward one mirror taking up 80cm x 60cm (height x width).

The Tenor from Music In Every Room can be fully recessed (if connected to an external ceiling speaker), semi-recessed, and just purely hung if you wish.

Lighting on Bathroom Radio Mirrors can be turned on and off with a simple swipe beneath the mirror with infrared switch.

Now that you have gone through the main aspects when it comes to deciding upon purchasing a Bathroom Radio Mirror, take a look over to the BuyCleverStuff website to see the range of Bathroom Radio Mirrors that we have on offer.