What To Think About With...Bathroom Ceiling Radios

When it comes to audio for your bathroom, there are a range of different options to be found at BuyCleverStuff, and we want to make sure we find the perfect solution for you and your bathroom.

In-ceiling speakers are an extremely popular option, connected either to an in-wall panel control or a separate remote control. Both styles of unit are simple and discreet, and easy to use once installed.

Defining exactly what audio you want to fill your bathroom can be a tricky decision, but we hope in our blog to be able to break down everything you need to know to help you find the solution for you.

  • Purpose

If you are thinking of installing a Bathroom Ceiling Radio, your needs may be just for a more personal, background audio experience, unlike other areas of the home where you may be entertaining others and in need of systems that can truly fill a room with sound (however you may choose to want to rock out at maximum volume in the shower at 8am with a vast array of 5 or 6 inch speakers – we won’t stop you, but your neighbours may have something to say about it).

  • Size of room / speakers

Our previous point leads us nicely on to this aspect - how to define your required speaker size.

Bathroom ceiling radio systems from BuyCleverStuff are bundled with a number of varying speaker sizes, but as a rough guide 2.5" speakers are sufficient for a 2.5m2 room and 5" speakers for around a 5m2 room.

Of course, we know rooms are not always square in size and are larger, so it may be that you need to think of having an extra pair of speakers.

Please remember this is a rough guide in terms of speaker sizes and room size, and at BuyCleverStuff we are hoping to bring in the future a standardised guide relating to the decibel output for all of our speakers that we currently stock on our website.

  • Functions

FM radio comes as standard on all our Bathroom Ceiling Radios, but many of our systems also include DAB radio, which if you are in an area with a good DAB reception, you will receive crisp clear sound, and also receive stations not found on the FM spectrum.

Personal audio devices, particularly on smartphones and tablets, are a major part of our daily lives, and many of our bathroom audio products not only feature FM and DAB radio, but built-in Bluetooth receivers to allow your own personal music, or even music streaming services such as Spotify, Napster, Deezer and many more, to be played through our systems.

  • Appearance

Some of our Bathroom Ceiling Radio products have the option of different coloured speakers that can match with other defining elements in your Bathroom, such as your down lighting or light switches. Perhaps then that you want to take this into consideration and have them match?

This may not be for everyone though, and we find lots of our customers prefer to keep their ceiling speakers hidden by simply choosing a non-obtrusive white colour. This allows the defining features of your room to remain just that.

Once you have these four elements defined, you should have more of an idea of which Bathroom Ceiling Radio system you require, if so why not head over to our main BuyCleverStuff shopping website?

If you think you have needs beyond just your bathroom and are looking possibly to extend and use the system on a multiroom basis (ensuite or even throughout the home), then take a look at our further article here which will give you more advice on what you may require and what suitable systems are available.