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Make your audio discreet in every room of the home with our selection of Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers.

With the ability to play your own audio from smartphones and tablets so easy thanks to Bluetooth technology, having something fantastic to play it through is the next step.

Our range of Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are some of the most popular products on the market today.

They are so easy to install and fit - you could be up and running in less than half an hour!

Some of our Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are purely in-ceiling and retrofittable - making the task of installation as simple as possible - but with maximum results!

Other Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker systems allow for in-wall panels for interaction if your device is out of reach on charge, but you still want control.

These are designed as a first-fix solution, so please consider that before making your purchase, and if not possible consider our complete in-ceiling options instead!

Ceiling speakers, in general, allow you to fill whatever room with fantastic audio.

Installing speakers into your ceiling space, has another advantage, as it keeps everything out of the way.

You will hardly notice them when you walk into the room - thanks to ceiling speakers, gone are the days of chunky obtrusive Hi-Fi speakers on tabletops or side cabinets.

Once you combine this with an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, then you can greatly expand your audio experience at home.

The ability to play your own personal music, or even through music streaming apps via your personal smartphone or tablet's Bluetooth pairing, means almost an unlimited supply of music straight into your home.

Functionally, every product with Bluetooth connectivity works in the same way - once active, you can search to pair your device and once paired, your personal choice of audio can play away without worry.

Our Bluetooth products are all, minimum, Class 2 devices with a transmit power of 2.5Mw, meaning the intended range to pair your smartphone or tablet, is around ten metres (33 feet).

Factors to consider are if there are any obstructions in the way between the receiver and your device, such as doors or walls - this again can have an effect on the loss of sound quality if multiple objects are in the way.

Many of our Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Systems allow for additional sources, so for instance, stereo phono connections or 3.5mm jack leads can be connected for other devices that may not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Alongside that, many of our systems also include DAB and/or FM radio tuners, so if you are looking to perhaps just listen to your favourite radio station, you can also achieve this as well.