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Gymnasium audio and visual systems from BuyCleverStuff are ideal as they combine powerful installed loudspeakers and control units that are heat, moisture and steam resistant.

These are perfect for a home fitness studio fully installed, or portable audio products for those who are personal trainers looking to be more mobile.

A sound system (or visual) & speakers for a commercial gym need to be powerful enough for your instructor or trainer to be heard clearly over any background noise.

If its for use at home, having easy connection via Bluetooth is great to allow you to connect your music and also have any training/workout apps play through with any instructions.

We've pulled together the right products for these areas, but if you're looking for something more bespoke, contact us directly we will do our best to help you choose what's right for your gym.

We don’t install audio systems but most electricians are skilled to install with the products being relatively easy to understand, position and fit.