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In Wall Mount for iPad Mini & 6.5" Qi65CST Stereo Ceiling Speaker

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Go even further with iPad Mini with this improved wall mounted audio and visual streaming system bundle with the iStone In Wall Amplifier Mount for iPad Mini & 6.5" Qi65CST Stereo Ceiling Speaker.

  • iPad Mini Amplifier
  • 6.5" Qi65CST Stereo Ceiling Speaker
  • Built-in iPad Charger
  • iPad In Wall Mount
Colour White
Delivery Next Day
Speakers Ceiling
Wired Audio Input Yes
Finance Available Yes
Speaker Size 6'' - 7.5''
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Type Wired Input
Room Size 5m x 5m / Large
Amplifier Location In Wall

The iStone Amplifier is an in-wall mounting system for an iPad Mini that incorporates a built-in high specification stereo amplifier and together with a single Qi65CST Stereo Ceiling Speaker, gives you a premium experience when streaming your iTunes library and Apple Music into any room.

The iPad Mini is firmly held in place with two brackets and the White iStone, (75% mineral / 25% acrylic) fascia is attaches magnetically on to the frame giving you a sophisticated and stylish way to integrate your iPad Mini into a home audio system.

The built-in 20 Watts RMS per channel stereo amplifier is a low noise, low distortion, high efficiency design which delivers outstanding sound quality. The amplifier intelligently senses audio so it can switch itself on when music is set to play, and off when it is not, meaning when music isnt playing, the amplifier goes into standby and consumes less than 0.5 watts.

Any stored, or streamed audio content on the iPad Mini can be played directly through the iStone? Amplifier and onto the Ceiling Speaker, including the many Internet radio apps, BBC iPlayer Radio, and music on demand services from the likes of Deezer, Spotify? and, of course, Apple Music.

It can also be used as a fantastic alternative to a Kitchen TV with the ability to stream video from YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, NOW TV, and many other content platforms to give you a total entertainment solution in one.

Aside from music and video, if you have other home living apps installed on your iPad Mini, such as heating, lighting or CCTV controls, it's a fantastic solution to have your iPad Mini installed in this way, creating a centre point in your home to control everything around you.

The frame is held into place with magnets, so that the iPad can be removed in a matter of seconds.

*1st, 2nd & 3rd generation iPad Mini's


  • iStone iPad Frame with Integrated Amplifier
  • White iStone Fascia Surround
  • UK Mains Cable
  • 24v Mains Transformer
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Qi65CST Stereo 6.5" Ceiling Speaker (Single)

*Please note you need to use the Apple iPad USB Lightning Cable - we recommend using only the official Apple USB Lightning Cable.


iStone iPad Amplifier

Dimensions (frame)240mm x 170mm x 40mm (W x H x D)
Dimensions (fascia)272mm x 188mm x 6mm (W x H x D)
InputsDC Input (24V DC In), 3.5mm Audio Input
OutputsSpeaker Output, 5v USB Output
Amplifier20W Per Channel

Qi65CST Stereo Ceiling Speaker

Tweeter diameter0.75" (19mm)
Woofer diameter6.5"
Cutout Size203mm
Power handling15-60W
Impedance (nominal) ohms8 ohm
Response (Low frequency) -3dB75Hz
Maximum rear depth84mm
Size (with round grille)232mm
Reward points: 380