KB Sound iSelect FM / DAB Radio & 2.5" Ceiling Speakers

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The KB Sound iSelect FM / DAB Radio with 2.5" Ceiling Speakers is a brilliant Wireless Radio In-Ceiling Speaker System for customers looking for a simple ceiling radio solution.

Colour White
Delivery Next Day
Speakers Ceiling
Speaker Size 2'' - 3.5''
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Radio FM/DAB
Bluetooth Yes
Type FM / DAB
Room Size 2m x 2m / Small
Amplifier Location Ceiling

Ideal for small bathrooms and other rooms around the home where space is limited but you still have a desire for music to be played.

Whilst this system can be used as a standalone FM / DAB radio-only ceiling speaker system, go even further with the optional extra of Bluetooth to stream from your smartphone or tablet.

If using Bluetooth please note, only one device can connect and play at any one time.

If you decide not to purchase a Bluetooth dongle to begin with, it can be bought and installed at a later date - however buying and installing all in one saves the trouble of two jobs and is cost effective!

As the system is all in-ceiling, installation can be made even if first fix of walls has taken place so this could be the product for you if you've only decided on installing a product late in your redevelopment.

The easy to use remote control gives you the ability to control all functions; station selection, audio source selection, volume and tone control.

Included in the box is everything needed to install the system, including speaker wire that for most installations will be sufficient.

Installation is very similar to most other KB Sound In-Ceiling Radio Systems.

  • Cut out the required speaker holes in your ceiling
  • Position the amplifier in the ceiling void
  • Connect to a suitable mains supply
  • Attach the aerial and connect the speakers to the amplifier
  • Place the speakers in place using the spring loaded clips to secure

Once complete, it's simply a matter of tuning in the radio, pairing your Bluetooth device to the system and then sit back and enjoy!


  • In-line module with built-in FM / DAB radio tuner
  • Gloss white remote control (with wall hook)
  • 10 metres of speaker cable
  • 76cm antenna cable
  • 1 x Slave 2.5" wide-band Ceiling Speaker
  • 1 x Master 2.5" wide-band Ceiling Speaker with LED and infrared sensor
  • 2 X AA batteries
  • Instruction manual / CD



  • Power Output: 1.5W / channel
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 53mm x 56mm (WxHxD)
  • Inputs: F type connector (radio antenna), 230Vac (mains supply), Bluetooth or Wireless Dock Dongle connector
  • Outputs: Speaker connector (left, right, common ground)
  • Other: LED and infrared sensor connector (for master speaker)


  • Dimensions: 95mm diameter x 36 mm depth
  • Cutout: 76mm diameter
  • Power handling: 3W (nominal) 5W (max)
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Frequency: 170Hz 12 Khz
  • Colour Options: Gloss White


  • Dimensions: 169mm x 40mm x 25mm
  • Integrated LCD screen providing feedback of station, volume and other audio information
  • Full function keypad provides:
    • Volume, bass, treble, mute and balance control
    • Track Control (pause, play, back, forward)
    • Ability to key-in desired station frequency
    • Change source
    • Automatically store radio stations?
  • Colour: Gloss white
  • Other: Wall hanger hook and 2 x AA batteries

Bluetooth Receiver (if chosen)

  • Range: Class 2, 10 metres (depending on angle and surroundings)
  • Bluetooth profile: A2DP 1.2
  • Quality: CD Audio Quality

To ensure that your system receives the best possible signal we recommend that you purchase the Omni-Directional DAB Radio Aerial Kit with Cable and Bracket, when bought with any DAB product you get 50% off.


PDFUser Manual

PDFInstallation Guide

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