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KB Sound SOUNDAROUND SA 30W WiFi Multiroom Speaker

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For incredible standalone audio listening - try the KB Sound SOUNDAROUND SA 30W WiFi Multiroom Speaker - fills small rooms and offices with fantastic sound!

  • Standalone or Multiroom WiFi Loudspeaker 
  • 30 Watts Output 
  • Works With Qualcomm AllPlay Jukebox 
  • Combine With Other KB Sound SOUNDAROUND Products 
Delivery 7+ Days
Speakers Free Standing
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Room Size 4m x 3.5m / Medium

Make the most of your music in an easy and fun way with the KB Sound SOUNDAROUND SA 30W WiFi Multiroom loudspeaker - giving you magnificent audio sound quality wherever you need it.

Combine this standalone speaker with others from the KB Sound SOUNDAROUND range in your home or office to create different ambiance in single rooms or throughout an entire property from any mobile device.

This works in a similar way to how other well known multiroom systems which are available work, with simple connection and function, but this KB Sound SOUNDAROUND offering is a significantly cheaper alternative.

Getting set up is really simple download the Qualcomm AllPlay Jukebox for your device, which accessible on both iOS and Android.

Connect the power lead from the amplified speaker to the mains and search for the SOUNDAROUND device in the WiFi settings of your mobile or tablet device.

Once you have selected this, the login page will then automatically load to enable you to assign a name which will better define which speaker it is you have selected (if you have other units nearby in a Multiroom set-up).

Make sure that you are connecting the SOUNDAROUND and your mobile device to the same WiFi connection if for some reason that you cannot connect to the same WiFi, then another way to connect is via the WPS on your router and press the reset button on the back of the loudspeaker.

Go even further by integrating the SOUNDAROUND In Wall Multiroom WiFi and Bluetooth amplifier for rooms in the home where you want to save space and use separate speakers this is also a perfect solution for using ceiling speakers in large rooms to really fill a space with audio and make the most of any multiroom set-up.

Once you are fully connected, simply open the app and choose your loudspeaker (if in a multiroom set-up they should be identifiable by name) and immediately enjoy the world of music.

Whether you play from your music library, music services, compatible apps such as Spotify Premium, favourite Internet radio stations found in the AllPlay Internet Radio app amongst others and if you wish, you can connect other devices using the audio input to expand your system.

Using more speakers is easy to do, just follow the same procedure set out above where you can then add them to your device and manage them all from the same app within the app you can then share your music in several rooms, creating different ambiances around the home, or combine different areas to play the same audio and adjust the volume on all speakers at the same time or independently if you wish.

The SOUNDAROUND loudspeakers are in two versions, this SA 30W model for smaller rooms, and the SA 50W which is perfect for filling rooms which are larger in size.

So to experience extraordinary sound the SOUNDAROUND is an incredible way to listen to music and share it wherever and with whoever you wish.

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