Speaker Cable For Sonos Equipment

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If you're require speaker cable of different lengths to what is supplied as standard with our Sonos bundles, then why not consider lengths of our high quality, superior thickness, oxygen-free copper speaker cable.

  • Suitable to use to connect speakers for all Sonos bundles 
  • Enhanced conductivity for audio transmission 
  • 2 x 79 strand (0.15mm in dia.) 
  • Black protective casing 
  • Continuous length - cut to your own needs 
Colour Black
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With every audio system we stock here at BuyCleverStuff, we offer either pre-cut lengths of cable or our standard optional extra of 15 metres that can be added with the product.

However, you may be in need of more or less cable than what is offered.

At BuyCleverStuff, we have various lengths of cable, the specification of which is designed to work and handle the amplifier power output of every Sonos base product sufficiently and safely.

We only supply oxygen-free copper speaker cable - as this gives increased conductivity which give greater performance when it comes to audio signal transmission.

Remember, if you're connecting up two pairs of speakers (or two stereo speakers) - we recommend to wire in parallel - from amplifier, to the first pair (or first stereo) and then loop/daisy chain to the second pair (or second stereo).

Running all cables back to an amplifier and its terminals sometimes can be difficult to fit - especially with the Sonos Connect:Amp / Sonos Amp - up to four cables when installing extra speakers - so keep it simple and with shorter lengths.

Installing in such a way will NOT affect audio performance.

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