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Speaker Hoods are often a secondary thought in the process of installing in ceiling speaker systems - complete your installation with our range of various hoods at BuyCleverStuff

Whether you are simply looking to re-instate the integrity of the room by correctly sealing up the speaker hole, or adding extra audio insulation to prevent rooms above hearing excess audio - these fire and audio speaker hoods are some of the best solutions on the market.

Speaker hoods and fire hoods are designed to retain, or regain the original ceiling's fire integrity after the installation of ceiling speakers.

Regulations state that if your cut a hole into a property in whatever manner (ceiling for speakers or lights/walls for doors/windows/extractors), you must ensure that something is integrated with at least the fire and acoustic integrity of what was originally removed.

Our ranges of ceiling speaker hoods are fully compliant with the current UK Building and IEE Regulations. Property owners have a responsibility under the UK Building Regulations to ensure all work carried out on their property is up to standard.

Our premium hoods, with soundproof filling, will also reduce a large amount of backwards sound leakage from ceiling speakers into the rooms above, meaning that installing ceiling speaker systems below children’s bedroom can be done with peace of mind.

There are suitable to use in both plasterboard and suspended ceilings and can be both retro fitted or into new build installations. Due to their pliable nature, they can be fitted from below or above the ceiling.