Systemline E100 & Qi65LW Outdoor Rock Speakers

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This unique bundle sees the fantastic Systemline E100 Bluetooth FM / DAB Radio Amplifier & Qi65LW Outdoor Rock Speakers at an incredible price - all from your official Systemline Elite Partner.

  • FM / DAB Radio 
  • In Wall Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver 
  • Auxiliary Audio Input 
  • Exclusive Elite Partner Bundle with One Pair of Q Acoustics Qi65LW Outdoor Rock Speakers 
  • Compare Systemline E50 & Systemline E100 
Colour Black
Delivery Next Day
Speakers Free Standing
Wired Audio Input Yes
Speaker Size 6'' - 7.5''
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Radio FM/DAB
Bluetooth Yes
Room Size 5m x 5m / Large

For a true discreet method of installing speakers in your garden, these fantastic Qi65LW Outdoor Rock Speakers are a perfect solution which will leave friends and family bewildered at how your audio is being played - and when paired with the Systemline E100, it will create a superb home garden audio solution.

The in-wall touch screen panel comes complete with combined Bluetooth receiver and input hub, removing the need to find space to accommodate additional equipment, however there is an accompanying 47mm deep, dry lining, double gang back box included to help with installation.

Another plus point of integrated Bluetooth with the E100, beyond secure pairing and apt-X for CD-quality transmission, you are able to select a device name allowing for multiple units to be installed around the home in close proximity - so you can keep your indoor audio separate from your outdoor audio.

With a large OLED display screen, you can clearly see what is being played on FM or DAB Radio stations (in Bluetooth and auxiliary mode it only indicates what mode you are in - no other information).

Have complete control over your system via the in-wall touch screen panel or the small handy remote control included within the bundle. In Bluetooth mode, you can continue using your Bluetooth-enabled device to control the system, or jog control can be operated from the in-wall touch panel.

The stereo amplifier drives 18 Watts per channel, with outstanding sound quality, and with the superb? Qi65LW Outdoor Rock Speakers, you can be sure that your audio will sound great wherever it is positioned in your garden.

The Qi65LW is the ideal speaker for those who want to create music in an outdoor garden area.

A granite effect texture, each speaker features a wide range 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter - but the Qi65LW all but disappears from view when incorporated in with bordered patios and alpine gardens.

Its robust glass-reinforced polymer outer casing and weatherproof cable termination allow the Qi65LW to be positioned? at ground level making it easy to locate and install with confidence.

Q Acoustics have designed the casing to be low resonance and have optimised the driver to ensure the Qi65LW delivers a full and clear sound even at high volumes, making is ideal for high quality outdoor music and perfect to reproduce nature sounds for built up areas that have lost some of the feel of the great outdoors!

Whilst this unit comes with two runs of 7m of speaker cable, this is provided as standard cabling for indoor installation NOT outdoor cable. We advise that you do purchase additional outdoor speaker cable that is suitable for use with the Systemline E100. Please select from the options just how much you require. Remember you will need two runs of speaker cable as one will be your left speaker, and one will be your right speaker.

You can if you wish connect TV via the rear line input - which could be a perfect match with a great Outdoor TV Enclosure.

As simple to install outdoors as it is indoors - and this exclusive bundle from BuyCleverStuff as your Systemline Elite Partner gives you a unique opportunity to install outdoor audio at an amazing price with complete satisfaction!


  • Systemline E100 In-Wall Keypad Hub with Integrated DAB / FM Radio and Bluetooth
  • DAB / FM Radio Antenna (with extension cable and adaptor)
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • In-Line Power Supply
  • DC Cable (5m)
  • Double-gang back box (47mm deep, dry lining)
  • 7m Speaker Cable (x2)
  • Qi65LW Outdoor Rock Speakers (Pair)


Systemline E100 In-Wall Keypad and Integrated Hub

Dimensions151mm x 90mm x 47mm (W x H x D)
Inputs F Connector (DAB & FM), 3.5mm Stereo Jack (Audio In), DC Jack (18V DC In
OutputsSpeaker IMO x 2
Amplifier18W Per Channel

Systemline E100 Power Supply

Dimensions (PSU Transformer)
120mm x 35mm x 53mm
Inputs110-240VAC 50-60Hz 1.6A
Outputs18V 2.8A

The power supply comes with a UK 3-pin regional mains cable.

However, if you are outside of the UK, you can use either your own regional mains cable or connect to a spur by removing the plug end of the cable.

This is only guidance, please consult your installer / electrician if considering this type of installation, and only carry out the work with a qualified installer / electrician.

Q Acoustics Qi65LW Weatherproof On-Ground Rock Speaker

Tweeter diameter1" PEI dome
Woofer diameter6.5"
Power handling10-60W
Impedance (nominal) ohms8 ohm
Response (Low frequency) -3dB55Hz
Frequency response70Hz-20kHz

Please note - this unit is a Bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter. If you are looking to connect an auxiliary source such as a television or other non-Bluetooth enabled device, a connecting transmitter device will NOT work with this system as you require the ability to confirm a pairing code upon initial connection. Fixed wired input for non-Bluetooth devices is the recommended connection via line input.

To ensure that your system receives the best possible signal we recommend that you purchase the Omni-Directional DAB Radio Aerial Kit with Cable and Bracket, when bought with any DAB product you get 50% off.


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