Systemline E50 White & 5" Qi50CW Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

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Simplicity, style and ease of use when playing music in your bathroom is all you could ask for, and with the Systemline E50 White In Wall Bluetooth Amplifier, including a touch and gesture control technology in-wall panel, combined with 5" Q Acoustics Qi50CW Bathroom Ceiling Speakers - you get just that.

  • In Wall Bluetooth Receiver 
  • Amazon Alexa Compatible 
  • Rear 3.5mm Audio Input Jack 
  • 2 x 18W Power Output 
  • Supplied with One Pair of 5" Qi50CW Ceiling Speakers 
  • Compare Systemline E50 & Systemline E100 
Colour White
Delivery Next Day
Speakers Ceiling
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Bluetooth Yes

With built-in Bluetooth receiver to pair with your mobile phone or tablet, and both a front and rear line input - it makes the Systemline E50 White a superb audio solution to integrate within your home.

It connects easily with Amazon Echo products to make it part of a full home automation set-up with lighting, heating and other voice-activated products.

Not only is the in-wall panel able to respond to touch commands for switching source and power, but the incredible motion command technology means you can control your audio with just a swipe your hand or swirl of your finger.

Skipping tracks, changing volume and muting your audio (in either Bluetooth or auxiliary mode) is all possible with the programmed and recognised set of hand gestures - which will no doubt leave friends and family mystified when they first view it at work.

It also means that damp or greasy finger marks will be kept to a minimum on the stylish gloss black touch panel, however if you ever need to, it is easy to wipe clean and gathers very little dust.

As standard, the amplifier is already in stereo mode, however the ability is there to switch to forced mono mode, so one pair of speakers can now stretch across two rooms, standing the Systemline E50 White out over the E100 should you want dual zone usage at a budget price. EQ settings and maximum volume levels can also be set to your liking with slight adjustments on the rear of the in-wall panel.

The stereo amplifier drives 18 Watts per channel, with outstanding sound quality, so not only is it ideal to install in larger, open plan rooms, but in long and narrow rooms too should you wish to combine this unit with a single stereo speaker - if you are looking for a complete ceiling speaker system, we have a number of fantastic speaker bundle options to select from.

Installation is reasonably easy, with another great inclusion in this kit being a made-to-measure double gang back box so you are sure that your in-wall panel will fit flawlessly into your wall.

Once you have chosen where to position your in-wall panel, cut out the necessary holes in your wall, and holes in the ceiling for your selected speakers.

Run speaker cable across your ceiling and down to the in-wall panel hole, connect your speakers, insert them in to your ceiling, connect power to your panel, secure in place, and switch on.

If you have a television in the same room, the rear line input is most effective for connection to allow you more freedom to connect other non-Bluetooth devices via the front input jack - essentially allowing control of three different sources.

Multiple E50 systems in close proximity - E50 supports up to 10 different Bluetooth addresses. These are required for identification of individual devices when using multiple E50s within range of each other


  • Systemline E50 White In-Wall Bluetooth Touch & Gesture Control Panel
  • 5m Power Supply
  • 47mm Dry Line Double Gang Back Box
  • 7m Speaker Cable (x2)
  • Qi50CW Wetroom 5" Ceiling Speakers (Pair)


Systemline E50 In-Wall Bluetooth Touch & Gesture Control Panel

  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 150 x 90mm x 47mm
  • Inputs: Rear Line In 3.5mm Stereo Jack (Audio In), DC Jack (18V DC In)
  • Outputs: Speaker IMO x 2
  • Amplifier: 18W Per Channel
  • Amazon Echo Compatible*

*Whilst it is Amazon Echo Compatible, as we do not provide nor sell the Amazon Echo product, we do not advise positioning Amazon Echo products in bathrooms/wetrooms. Please refer to Amazon on this matter or position the product just outside of the room within range for voice commands.

Systemline E50 Power Supply

  • Dimensions (PSU Transformer): 120mm x 35mm x 53mm
  • Inputs: 110-240VAC 50-60Hz 1.6A
  • Outputs: 18V 2.8A

The power supply comes with a UK 3-pin regional mains cable. However, if you are outside of the UK, you can use either your own regional mains cable or connect to a spur by removing the plug end of the cable. This is only guidance, please consult your installer / electrician if considering this type of installation, and only carry out the work with a qualified installer / electrician.

Qi50CW Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

Tweeter diameter0.75" (19mm)
Woofer diameter5.25"
Cutout Size203mm
Power handling15-60W
Impedance (nominal) ohms8 ohm
Response (Low frequency) -3dB75Hz
Maximum rear depth79mm
Size (with round grille)204mm


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