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Under Cabinet Radios are ideal products for the kitchen predominantly where saving space is key - but also where there is a need for some music too.

Easy to fit under most kitchen cabinets and shelving, these units are great if you're looking to add some audio to your kitchen but at a loss for space.

With plenty of different functions between all of our under cabinet kitchen radio units, we're sure we have the one for you.

Whether you're a fan of FM, DAB or Internet radio, want to stream from your own mobile with Bluetooth connection, or have a collection of CDs that you enjoy listening to whilst pottering around the kitchen; our units cater to everyone!

Some units even have the ability to hold securely your mobile or tablet device with flipdown brackets - great to watch streamed content or read through recipes!

Whilst they are great to have in kitchens, you can install them elsewhere around the home, and are brilliant in sheds and workshops whilst tinkering away!