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Waterproof TVs are fantastic additions for a variety of rooms and spaces in the home.

We have a selection of custom-built units that are designed specifically to withstand and cope with environments which see water, high humidity, and other such conditions present.

Designed to be installed in-wall, these units all come with high quality waterproof ceiling speakers that are built to last and not cause problems in the actual main television unit that is visible.

For the kitchen they are designed to withstand splashes and stains that can be easily wiped off causing little concern when cooking and baking.

Some of our waterproof TVs are fantastic for the bathroom environment for both the ability to handle warmer temperatures as well as condensation and moisture build up that often occurs, even with the best extractor systems in place.

Not only that, some waterproof TV units can double up with a mirrored frontage for that great dual use of a television screen and a mirror.