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Having technology that is readily available at your fingertips to deliver when you want it is one of the key aspects our customers at BuyCleverStuff ask for - and when it comes to audio, that is exactly what having WiFi Ceiling Speakers can give you.

Whilst Bluetooth based products are exceptionally popular, easy to install and extremely affordable, it can limit customers who like to pair their devices and have full control wherever they are in their homes without worry of disconnecting - WiFi Ceiling Speakers are a fantastic way of overcoming this issue.

Connected to the same Internet network, WiFi Ceiling Speakers maintain their connection and regardless if you are looking to cater for one single area (“zone”) or multiple zones, and are geared to bring together zones that can play the same or differing tracks at the same or differing volume; however you wish for your audio to be played is completely in your hands!

We supply some of the latest WiFi Ceiling Speakers and systems on the market - including products from KB Sound and Sonos with speakers sourced from Q Acoustics and Flexson.